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Christmas Hairstyles Ideas and Variations of the Up Do

Christmas hairstyles can have several variations. We all want to look our best during the holiday season and there are classical, elegant looks for both long and short hair.  Here are 12 hairstyle ideas that you might want to consider.

  1. Large, Loose Sexy Waves – Looks very stunning and sexy. You can learn how to do this style in the video above.
  2. Side Swept Hair– Sweep hair to one side of the head with a bun or roll.
  3. French Twist – Hair is swept back, twisted and held with hairpins.
  4. Long Curly Locks – A sexy yet elegant look with long loose curls on the shoulders.
  5. Playful Braids – Hair is put into braids and formed into a bun. It can also hang loosely from your head which creates a playful yet elegant look.
  6. Elegant Bun with Accessories – The hair is pulled into a  perfect bun and secured with an elegant hair accessory.
  7. Classic Bun – A neat, compact bun worn either low, in the middle or high on the back of the head. No hair is left sticking out.
  8. Short Combed Hair – Don’t under estimate how beautiful and  elegant this style looks. It’s very easy and practical as well.
  9. Simple Ponytail – If you don’t like being elaborate or fussy, try a simple yet sophisticated ponytail.
  10. Curly Side Strands with Ballet Bun – Simply make a compact bun then leave a few curly strands on the side of the face.
  11. Wispy Bangs With Bun or Ponytail – It’s chic and very trendy.
  12. Half an Updo – This is when you have top half of your hair hair pulled into a bun. The lower half has either curls or loosely hangs around the shoulders.