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Does Save a Blade Really Save You Money?

Save A Blade claims to give you 200 shaves out of a single blade just by using their ingenious razor sharpener. I’ve looked at several different reviews on this As Seen on TV hair removal product and here are the results.

First Test – For one month Debbie and Rick Brown both compared Save a Blade versus a using a disposal razor. Rick tried a disposable razor on one side of his face and Save a Blade on the other. Debbie tried a disposable on one leg and Save a Blade on the other. They both replaced the disposable razors after they got dull but with they sharpened the other one with Save a Blade. At the end of the month both couldn’t really tell a difference but Rick mentioned that it really decreased the sharpness after using Save a Blade.

Does Save a Blade really keep your razor sharp?

Does Save a Blade really keep your razor sharp?

Second Test – Another Fox News station took the Schick Quattro razor to the lab and had them sharpen a razor with Save a Blade then looked under the microscope. The results?

  • After sharpening the edge had imperfections.
  • The sharpening device is a piece of polishing paper that rotates around.
  • Brand new blades in Save a Blade actually made the blade duller.

Save a Blade is a great concept but it looks like this infomercial product doesn’t deliver on it’s promises.