Hair Cut Tips – How to Leave the Salon With a Great Haircut

These hair cut tips are REALLY important… I’m sure all of us ladies at one time or another sat anxiously in the hair stylists chair as awaiting the big reveal after a new hair cut or color. We might be too embarrassed to even tell the hairstylist we might not like it. On top of that hair cuts and colors can be expensive and take a while to grow out. Oh the horror! How can you prevent this from happening to you?

Avoid a horrible hair cut!

Avoid a horrible hair cut!

Before You Head to the Salon

  1. Pick a stylist that you feel will listen to you and really understand your needs.
  2. Have a really good idea of what you want your hair to look like. Go through magazines and tear out some pages of hairstyle pics that you think would look good on you. Take them with you to the salon and at least you’ll have a starting point to discuss a cut that’s right for you.
  3. If you want a celebrity hair style, just remember this. Celebrity photos are taken only after stylists have meticulously spent hours making sure every lock is in place. You may not have that kind of time to dedicate to doing your own hair every day.
  4. How much hair are you willing to cut off? If you have long hair and 1 -2 inches are coming off that’s not much of a difference. It will be if it’s for short hair!
  5. Sometimes you get what you pay for when it comes to hair. If you want your style and colour just right it might be worth spending a few more dollars to get a highly trained professional.
  6. What’s your lifestyle like? Do you mind having a high maintenance haircut or would you prefer something that’s wash and wear?


When Your At the Salon

  1. Ask for a consultation with your stylist and/or colourist. Any good hairstylist will take the time to discuss what look you are trying to achieve and it’s usually free. Show them the pictures you brought in. Tell them what you like and what you hate about your hair. Give them a sense of your personal style. Explain to them how much time you want to spend styling it. And tell them how you typically wear your hair. Do you tuck it behind your ears, or wear it up in a pony tail?
  2. If your stylist suggests something you DON”T want then it’s really important to say so. It’s your hair and you have to live with it, so it’s important to speak up. However, do keep in mind that the hairstylist is a professional and can give some good advice on what will and what won’t suit your face shape, style and skin tone.
  3. Be specific when it comes to colour. Find out exactly how light or dark your hair will be. Ask to see an example and also take photos of people whose hair colour you like.
  4. Give the stylist an exact measurement of the amount of hair you want cut off. A ‘little trim’ in your mind might may not be the same thing as a ‘little trim’ in your stylist’s mind.

During the cut:
Pay attention and don’t have your nose in a magazine or book. This way, if you don’t like what the stylist is doing he or she can change it before it’s too late.

After the cut:

  • If your unhappy with the cut and or color, don’t just go home disappointed. Most stylists would much rather have you tell them you’re not happy than lose you as a customer forever. Of course, it’s easier to avoid this by openly communicating what you want and don’t want before half of your hair has been cut off.
  • If your are happy with the results remember to ask about advice on how you can achieve the same look at home. Also find out what products they used on your hair.

These hair cutting tips hopefully will help you develop a good relationship with your hairstylist from the start. I swear, if can prevent one person from going through a hair cut disaster it will be worth it! I’ve been there! I wish I had the picture to show you…:)


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