Expert Explains How to Color Your Hair At Home

Have you ever wondered how to color your hair on your own? I’ve never had any luck doing it. Usually the next time I went back to my professional stylist she always mentioned that my hair’s been burnt. The only explanation I could give her is that I used  store bought products.

Coloring your hair at home

Coloring your hair at home

She had mentioned that they are full of peroxide…even when they say they aren’t! I’ve just come across a highly rated video done by a professional hair stylist. I thought you might be interested in having a look.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need…

  • Semi-permanent Hair color
  • Developer (unless you bought it at the drugstore, they all come with developer)
  • Flat hair color brushes (get them at any drugstore, in the hair color department)
  • Latex or any kind of rubber gloves
  • Glass or plastic mixing bowl
  • Some Un-Petroleum (her fav, google, or un-petroleum to find it)or VASELINE
  • A dirty old shirt that you don’t care if you get color on…same with an old towel to wash hair

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