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Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Myths

Hair thinning has been shrouded in myth over the years. Here are two facts given from George Cotsarelis. He’s an associate professor of dermatology and director of the Hair and Scalp Clinic in U of Pennsylvania.

Hair Loss Myths and prevention

Hair Loss and hair thinning myths

Myth #1: Your hair is thinning if you see a lot of hair in your shower drain.

The Truth: Professor Cotsarelis says “This doesn’t mean it’s permanently thinning. I recommend going to a doctor and having some blood work done. If the excess shedding is caused by a nutritional deficiency iron, zinc, vitamin D, and protein are critical. Taking supplements and improving your diet will usually stop the shedding, and the hair will return to a normal growth cycle.”

Myth #2: Your hair is more likely to fall out if it’s been colored or straightened.

The Truth: “Coloring, perming, or straightening the hair is completely fine. There’s only a problem if the treatment is painful. If there’s pain, it indicates that there’s follicle damage. For instance, hair extensions can cause permanent damage to the follicle. This can result in thinner hair later in life. When there’s stress or traction on the follicle, two things happen: The barrier that prevents bacteria from reaching the follicle breaks, which causes inflammation; plus, the follicle itself gets pulled and disfigured. This damage can either stop it from producing hair at all or alter the width and texture of the hair it will grow.”

Hair thinning doesn’t have to be so scary. There are preventions and cures for both men and women. Have a look at this video from the Today Show on NBC.


Hairagami Brings Us Advances in Odd Hair Technology

Hairagami owes a huge debt to Princess Leia. Why you ask? Hairagami’s rather tortured looking hairstyles seem to fall outside the boundaries of manstream style and taste.  What female wouldn’t want a Princess Leia updo? Now you too can look like Carrie Fisher and walk around with cinnamon rolls strapped to your head.

Hairagami Hair - Who wears these styles?

Hairagami Hair - Who wears these styles?

Thanks to the latest advance in odd hair technology,  you can achieve otherwordly coifs easily with Hairagami.  Not suprisingly, the inventor got her inspiration from Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper. Each cleverly designed kit comes with 4 Hairagamis, a Snap Action Scrunchie, a 32 page Glamour Guide and an instructional video. The Hairagami serves as a stiff framework for massive updo looks. The scrunchie is the foundation for pony tailed styles.

Celebrity Hair Style Secrets

Celebrity hair styles are all the rage and of course the are trend setters displayed in magazines and on TV. Here’s a list of 5 celebrity hairstyle secrets.

Celebrity Hair Style Tips

Celebrity Hair Style Tips

  1. Alternate using a curling iron and a waving iron to give your hair more texture.
  2. If you want perfectly straight hair, first apply a condition mist to dry hair, than apply your flattening iron. This will eliminate frizz and static.
  3. For highlights in curly hair try putting the the color vertically. This will help define the curls. For straight hair, paint the highlights on in a starburst fashion across the entire surface of the hair. Always keep highlights within two shades of your own natural hair color.
  4. Try to use hair products specifically made for color treated hair.
  5. Try sleeping on a satin pillow to combat split ends and for frizz free curls.

Natural Hair Treatments That You Can Make at Home

Natural hair treatments or conditioners are a simple and less costly way to give your hair a boost. Whatever your hair type, there’s a treatment to enhance it.

Natural Hair Treatments

Natural Hair Treatments

Protein treatment – This treatment will revive hair with damaged ends, dried out, sun or bleach damaged hair.  Simply whisk together three whole eggs and one tablespoon of lemon juice or cider vinegar.  Apply the mixture to clean, damp hair. Leave it on for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off with cool water.

Cider Vinegar – A tonic for greasy hair, cider vinegar counteracts shampoos’ alkalinity. This helps to maintain the hair’s correct pH balance.  It also makes hair wonderfully shiny and manageable.  Just add a generous dash of cider vinegar to the final rinsing water.

Oil Treatment – To give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, treat your hair to an oil massage, leaving the oil on your hair for as long as possible before shampooing it off.  Coconut and olive oil have long been used to condition and add luster to hair.

Color treatments – For many centuries, chamomile has been used to lighten fair hair.  To lighten blond hair naturally and gradually, Use the following…One tablespoon of dried chamomile,A handful of fresh chamomile,a chamomile herbal tea bag.Now boil it in one cup of water. Add the juice of half a lemon and then leave the concoction to cool before adding it to the final rinsing water.To darken hair and to disguise gray hairs, make a concoction as described above to add to the final rinsing water but instead use sage and rosemary leaves rather than chamomile.
Henna has long been used to give hair a reddish tint, and if this is the effect that you’re after, try making a concoction of saffron to add to the final rinsing water.