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Hair Products are Glamorized but May Not Make Your Hair Healthy

As Seen on TV hair products are often endorsed by celebrities. Are they really that great or is it all just hype? Let’s concentrate on the hair care part. Standard advice like “Lather, rinse, repeat”  but your current shampoo and conditioner alone won’t give you the nice healthy hair. For the most healthy hair possible,  you’ll need to step out of the shower and into your kitchen and concentrate on nutritious foods and supplements.

Healthy Hair FAQ

Healthy Hair FAQ

Interesting Hair Fact
Did you know that your hair grows about 1/4 to 1/2 inch every single month? The foundation of all of our new hair, nail growth and skin, is the nutrients we eat. Try to get the nutrients you need from foods instead of beauty supplements on the shelves. Dr Mirmirani, MD of the online site WebMD mentions that “In rare instances if you have excess supplementation of certain nutrients like vitamin A, it may be linked to hair loss.”


Healthy Hair and Your Diet

Healthy Hair and Your Diet

Healthy hair depends on your diet. It  affects both your hair and scalp quite dramatically. Most people don’t like to hear this but a well-balanced diet actually produces healthy hair. Of course if you go on a healthy diet such as Weight Watchers, all you’re doing is cutting out things that are really bad for you like all the excess fat and sugar. The fact is you still have a well-balanced diet.

If you go on an exclusion diet this is a whole other story. Exclusion diets are where you have exclusively one type of food, a group of foods or liquid diet only. This can cause dramatic hair loss for certain people. Iron is heavily dependent on iron which is found in red meat. If you happen to be a vegetarian, you can always take an iron  supplement.